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About Us

Legacy Glove Co. was created in 2017 with the ambition of creating professional quality baseball and softball gloves at a fair price. Founded by two best friends and former Juco baseball teammates, Legacy Glove was conceived as a way of giving back to the game they loved and the causes they cared about. For every glove crafted in a tradition of excellence that upholds the values of the game, a portion of proceeds goes back to communities in need.

But baseball and softball are so much more than a game at Legacy Glove. It’s a culture that forms friendships, creates communities, and inspires hope in players and fans around the world. It develops important skills that improve quality of life—communication, teamwork, persistence, dedication, and doing your personal best. In honor of the sport that has given so much, we aspire to leave a legacy that our family, friends, and customers can be proud of. To them, and to you, we say dream big and create your Legacy!